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British Sign Language (BSL) users are a cultural and linguistic minority often overlooked when equality policies are implemented, despite there being specific laws in place. Consequently, it is likely that your Deaf staff / patients / students / customers are experiencing discrimination without you realising it - thus, raising the costly spectre of litigation.  It is important for you to have legally trained educators who are fully conversant with current equality and discrimination laws. Relax - we are! With legal compliance training and deaf awareness training you can fully understand your obligations and what non-compliance looks like. We help you to understand the problems that Deaf people encounter every day. Reduce your risk and raise your profile as a 'Deaf Friendly' organisation - from the board of directors to front-line staff - we've got you covered. 

Legal Compliance Training.

The laws which protect Deaf people are found in many places, and are easy to misinterpret so it is important to check that your trainer has legal qualifications. Many do not. Industry sectors are governed by different regulations and the terminology can be complex. Our compliance trainers are legally qualified and have a minimum of an LLB (law degree). Deaf-discrimination is very different from disability discrimination. We ensure that you fully understand Equality Law,  what 'accessible information' really means, and the duty you are under when dealing with Deaf British Sign Language users and lipreaders. Suitable for managers, human resource officers, NHS commissioners, clinicians and all persons with significant control.

Deaf Awareness Training.

How do Deaf people communicate with hearing people? What is rude? What is against the law? What should I do if a Deaf person comes into my workplace? Do I have to pay for an interpreter - where do I find one of those? Understand the world from a Deaf person's perspective, see the hurdles that they face every day so that you (and your company) are no longer one of those hurdles. Our Deaf Awareness sessions give hearing people the confidence they need to make their workplace fully accessible to Deaf people and give members of the public both confidence in you, and faith in your company.  Suitable for all staff at all levels - from the receptionist to the managing director. 

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